Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in a grant?

Any professional staff member of Rush City School District may submit a grant. Non-staff (students, volunteers, parents, etc.) may be involved in the grant, but it must be submitted by a professional staff member.  Grants should provide benefits for groups of students, not an individual student.

How big are the grants?

Grants are awarded for projects between $100 and $2,000.

What can grant dollars be used for?

Grants can request funding for any cost associated with the project. Funds can be used for purchasing equipment if the equipment purchased is part of a new and/or creative approach to instruction. Capital items become the property of the Rush City School District.

What is the grant process?

The first thing is to develop an idea. Next, prepare a grant application. Grant writing is not hard, and the application is fairly simple. The grant application must be co-signed by a supervisor, principal, or school board member before being submitted.

The grant applications will be reviewed by a committee of the Rush City Education Foundation and you will be notified whether your grant is approved, denied or whether more information is needed. If your grant is not selected, that does not mean it is not a good idea. There are limited dollars available to fund grants.

The excitement begins if your grant is selected. We have fun awarding the grants and disbursing funds.

If problems or changes come up at any time during the project, RCEF will work with you as long as the initial idea stays the same.

Are similar grants allowed?

If your current grant is similar to one which you or your site requested and received in prior years, the grant is allowed; however, the current grant request must clearly state that this is similar to a previously-funded grant and include the results of the previously-funded grant.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Please send your inquiries to and someone from the Foundation will respond.